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Russian Real Estate Website Enthusiastic about Bulgaria

2 сентября 2010

Bulgaria is a worldwide leader in residential and commercial real estate and will remain to be so, writes Russian real estate analytic portal RWay.ru Thursday.

The website lists the following five pluses of buying in Bulgaria: legislation favorable to non-resident investors, low prices and prospects for increase in worth.

The article states that in spite of a considerable drop of prices since 2008 and various other drawbacks such as property with unserviced loans, unfinished construction and overconstruction, there is a significant positive outlook for Bulgarian real estate.

It claims, largely without argumentation, that "Sooner or later the prices of real estate in Bulgaria will be comparable to those in Western Europe."

RWay.ru thus recommends that Russians be more interested in Bulgaria than in Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi which is to host the 2014 Winter Olympics.

It writes that it is not only easier to fly from Moscow to Sofia than to Sochi, but also buying in the EU gives the investor important privileges, including a two-year visa for oneself and one’s family.

Source: www.novinite.com

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