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New Plan for Taxing Waste Disposal

12 июля 2017

The payment of a "garbage fee" changes dramatically. The current principle on
which the municipality’s waste of garbage was formed is based on the tax
assessment of the property, but this method remains in the past. Instead, the
polluter pays principle is introduced. Such a decision was taken today by the
Council of Ministers, which approved amendments to the Local Taxes and Fees Act.
It introduces a completely new principle in determining the amount of the waste
collection fee, on the basis of which the municipalities will calculate the
amount. There is going to be a uniform methodology for determining the costs
that form the municipal waste tax, ensuring publicity and transparency through
the obligation to conduct public consultations on the determination of the costs
of the fees and the protection of the environment.

The municipalities themselves will have the freedom to determine exactly how
each of them will determine how much "waste" will be collected from each
property. However, the mandatory principle is that everyone pays as much as they
throw out. Local authorities are given the opportunity to identify specific
garbage bags with a specific volume. Thus, for each occupant of the property
there will be a specific number of such bags. The total amount that will have to
be collected from the property will also depend on the number of inhabitants –
respectively the number of disposed waste bags.

Municipalities are also offered an alternative. Instead of being based on
the number of discarded garbage bags, it would be determined on the basis of the
volume of the containers or waste bins in which they are collected. In this
situation, it will also be taken into account how often the vessels in question
must be emptied.

The new garbage fee will have a third component – maintaining and preserving
the cleanliness of the areas for public use. In this way, every citizen will
have to spend money on companies or employees involved in the cleaning of
streets, sidewalks, gardens, playgrounds, etc. But it will be determined
separately and everyone will know how much the municipality pays for this

However, it is not yet clear from the bill whether people will pay more
or less for their garbage fees. It is not excluded that in some cases it will
increase and in others it will decrease. All of this, however, also depends on
the municipalities themselves, which independently determine the amount of this
local tax. It is not certain and when the new size principle will come into
force, it is suggested it would be as early as next year.

In other countries where the principle of determining the amount of toll
charged according to the amount of waste dumped is often the method used in
shops, municipal offices or other similar places. The amount the user pays for
them is in practice a "garbage fee". Thus, depending on size of the bag and how
much household waste is discarded, everyone pays different sum on an annual

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