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EU Moves to Sofia in 2018

17 декабря 2008

"The EU will move into ultra modern offices in Sofia when in 2018 Bulgaria takes over EU Presidency. A governmental complex will be specially constructed for the purpose," Bulgaria’s Prime Minister, Sergey Stanishev promised at a meeting with five of the biggest architecture agencies in the world.
They will compete for the grandiose project along with an association of 19 Bulgaria studios.
Yesterday the architects arrived to inspect the terrain and were personally welcomed by PM Stanishev. The complex will spread on 60 ha of land near Tsarigrasko Chaussee, the major arterial road in eastern Sofia. The complex will host not only the ministries and other state institutions but also a large number of buildings with different purposes like exhibition and concert halls, sports facilities, hotels, restaurants and cafes.
"The idea is that this second Sofia’s centre will throb with life all around the clock," explained Dimcho Mihalevski, Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works.
Six design teams will present their projects between April 22 and 24. They will be given full rein in creativity. An international jury of four foreign and three Bulgarian architects will evaluate the designs. The complex will be constructed by a public-private partnership, according to Mihalevski. The idea is that the state-owned property will be constructed at zero cost as big investors are expected to purchase the construction rights for the rest of the terrain.

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