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Bulgarian Property ‘Can Be Excellent Value’

30 мая 2012

HiFX News

The property market in Bulgaria can offer prospective home buyers excellent value for money and a very reasonable cost of living, according to an expert on the Eastern European country.

Paul Watchorn, director at thebulgarianpropertyfinder.co.uk, said the country remains relatively inexpensive compared to the UK, something which is encouraging many people to make international money transfers to Bulgaria with the aim of relocating there.

"It is not uncommon to hear clients say that the UK is too expensive and that they want a better lifestyle in terms of healthy living, less stress and general value for money," suggested Mr Watchorn.

He added that, while it is important people who decide to take the plunge and leave Britain are given sufficient help in terms of building up a support network and meeting new people, this generally works out well in Bulgaria.

The country’s economy is growing rapidly with investment from China and other emergent powers thanks to a low income rate and relatively small levels of corporate tax, he explained.

Along with a nationalised health service and the cost of living, this makes Bulgaria an attractive option for many retired or semi-retired ex-pats, commented the expert.

"People looking to invest for a financial return would be best advised to stay away from the coast and look at solid inland property," he concluded, pointing out that many coastal homes tend to have their values artificially inflated by the tourist economy in place in this part of Bulgaria.

Lonely Planet offers similar advice to Mr Watchorn’s, pointing out that there is a great deal of Bulgaria to be seen beyond its popular beaches along the Black Sea coast.

It points to lush forests and impressive mountains for those who decide to venture further inland, along with dynamic and cosmopolitan cities such as Sofia and Varna.

Source: www.novinite.com

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